2020 Angel Tree Project

The Caring Hearts of Peculiar, a local social-welfare volunteer organization, recently completed its Angel Tree project, a fund-raising event held from Thanksgiving through the end of the year. Outreach to the community was conducted in several ways, and contributions were received from individuals, businesses, local organizations, and through online donations. Approximately $6,000 in donations were received during the fund-raising campaign, by far the most successful event for the group.

A symbolic Angel Tree was placed at the Peculiar Cosentino’s Price Chopper grocery store, and donations were accepted through the store. At the end of the project, the Price Chopper management arranged for a donation from the store, very much appreciated by the Caring Hearts of Peculiar. (picture included) The Community Bank of Peculiar also made a generous contribution of $2,500 to the Angel Tree project.

Caring Hearts of Peculiar celebrates the generosity of Peculiar’s residents and businesses and extends to them a “Heartfelt Thank You.” The Board of Directors appreciates the trust that you have placed in them. Caring Hearts of Peculiar supports agencies that serve the residents of the Peculiar area. It is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and donations are tax deductible. You are invited to explore our website for more information or to
make a donation.